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    Know-how Web Marketing

    Corporate Marketing through “know-how perception”

    We were among the first Companies in Europe to advocate “Know-How Perception” as a fundamental instrument to improve and promote corporate image.

    Especially in the high added value business segments, sales volumes of products and services are greatly susceptible and influenced by sales personnel competence, and their leadership role in delivering the know-how perception; in most instances competence management becomes as important as the quality of the product itself and its price.

    Improving sales personnel product knowledge, coupled by the company’s increased ability to propagate a higher standard of interactive communication to the clientele, adopting innovative tools, propels the competitive advantage to achieve the position of premiership in the client’s mind.

    In addition, the recent increased divulgation of Internet and mobile learning based tools, helps the corporation to decipher and process the available client’s (and potential client) data and reach better corporate long term decisions through a much more accurate analytical process.

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    Our portfolio is our best presentation.
    We brought the industrial e-learning in Italy and we showed the importance of the online education to the biggest industrial companies' personnel.
    The way OC makes the multimedia contents is the most appreciated by our dealers...

    » Diego Lavelli

    We cooperate with OC since 2004 on the topic of online training. It gives us economic efficiency and a great uniformity of skills in the company...

    » Alberto Bianchi

    The service is flexible and the OC level is perfect to deal with the staff demanding of our multinational customers...

    » Ivan Benini
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